Our Partners

Non-Profit, Civil Society and Community Organisations

We value the partnerships and working relationships that we have developed with a large number of other non-profit organisations such as Inyathelo, the Solidarity Peace Trust, Scalabrini Centre, the Zimbabwean Exiles Forum, Sonke Gender Justice, Black Sash, the Legal Resource Centre, Lawyers for Human Rights, Healing of Memories, Catholic Welfare Development, Cape Town TV, SANCO, the South African Liaison Office, to name a few.  We are often part of campaigns together with our partner organisations, for example Unite as One.

In response to ongoing xenophobic tensions in South Africa, the Unite as One Campaign was launched on Mandela Day on 18 July 2010 by the Scalabrini Centre, Sonke Gender Justice, the Black Sash and PASSOP. It aims to collect as many signed pledges as possible and run a number of different events that all aim to create a South African society in which people notwithstanding their language or country of origin, respect each other and live together peacefully. You can visit http://www.uniteasone.org.za/ to learn more and sign the pledge.

Government Institutions and Trade Unions

PASSOP has always been a vocal and outspoken organisation. We are fearless in protesting against instances of discrimination, exploitation and other injustices.  Despite our activist profile, however, PASSOP has strong ties with relevant government institutions as well as with the trade union COSATU and its affiliates (of note NUM and FAWU) on many issues. We believe that the most efficient outcomes can often be achieved when civil society is able to work effectively together with government and other official partners.


PASSOP receives both project-specific and operational funding from donor organisations, as well as private donations.  Our current partners include the Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa – OSISA (www.osisa.org) and the Atlantic Philanthropies (http://www.atlanticphilanthropies.org/). We also rely heavily on donations from private donors.