Discussion Forum: Do you think the slow progress in printing Zimbabwean passports is part of a political agenda?

There has been much criticism in recent weeks over the slow progress made by Harare in processing the thousands of passport applications. This has been accentuated by the current suspension of printing, due to a mystery ‘electrical fault’, as well as by the apparent refusal to accept a much faster South African printing machine, out of ‘security reasons’. Do you think these are just part and parcel of Zimbabwe’s over-burdened and inefficient bureaucracy, or is it a systematic political move to constrain the movement of people prior to the planned elections later this year?  Please leave a comment below.

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  1. Hi all,

    Allow me to share my thoughts on the ‘ electrical fault’ that reportedly rocked KG VI in Harare.

    Those who are aware of Zanu PF’s political tactics should treat the ‘electrical fault’ that reportedly led to the halt of the printing of passports in Harare with suspicion. I feel that this is just a clumsy move by the Zimbabwe government to ensure that Zimbabweans do not benefit from the Zimbabwe Dispensation Project aimed at documenting and regularising the stay of Zimbabweans in South Africa. Yes, there is a political agenda behind this prefabricated ‘electrical fault’. There are a few reasons why I suspect that there is a political reason behind this sudden halting of the printing of passports in Zimbabwe:

    There are dishonorable Zanu PF elements in the Zimbabwe government who have always been politically jittery and openly disrustful of the Zimbabwean diaspora including refugees and asylum seekers in South Africa. Now, they have ill-founded imaginations of a large number of Zimbabweans getting permits under the ZDP, being able to travel back to Zimbabwe during the forthcoming elections and ultimately vote for the MDC.

    Instead, the sad reality is that the horrific and futile political agenda behind mysterious ‘electrical fire’ has made life difficult for over 100 thousand Zimbabweans who have not received their passports from the Zimbabwe government through the Zimbabwe Consulate in South Africa. The above agenda explains why the Zimbabwe government has been charging exorbitant application fees charged for a passport(R750) beyond the reach of many desperate Zimbabweans for whom the ZDP aimed at assisting. This ill-fated agenda was also behind this political agenda that Tobaiwa Mudede decline to accept the passprt printing machine from the South African government. This also explains why Zimbabweans in South Africa such as Robert Nzara were abused and harassed during the passport application process. I really expected Zanu PF to do more than this to derail the ZDP and now have this mysterious ‘fire’.

    Lastly, perhaps most importantly, these rogue (Zanu PF) elements in the Zimbabwe government have to be boldly reminded that MDC does not need the Zimbabwe diaspora to win elections as it has always proven. The MDC has more than enough supporters in Zimbabwe to vote and win the election. Therefore, Zanu PF need to be aware that with or without the diaspora, MDC will win the next election in Zimbabwe!

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