Media Watch 10/3/2012 – 16/3/2012

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South Africa news

Police try to detain 4th generation Capetonian – A Capetonian university student claims police accused him of being an undocumented immigrant and shoved him into the back of a police van in Athlone Wednesday night. The student, Jainudien Sablay, said close to 40 officers intimidated and verbally abused him, calling him a “Pakistani” and rejecting his student card as proof of citizenship. Police let him go after Sablay’s father retrieved his ID from their home nearby, but Sablay says he now understands part of what foreigners have to deal with and now has no respect for the police.

Service deliver funding dispute – The ANC Western Cape has appealed to the national government to intervene on what they have described as service delivery woes. The ANC is accusing the Provincial Government, DA, of withholding funds in ANC run municipalities which they say is the cause of the lack of service delivery.

Zimbabwe news

ZANU-PF Officials under investigation for theft of government funds – Two Zanu PF ministers face arrest by the Anti-Corruption Commission for theft of Constituency Development Funds. So far 10 other ministers are being targeted for possibly stealing government funds. As long as the ACC provides good evidence, President Mugabe and Prime Minister Tsvangirai support the investigations.

DRC news

Congo bars Ugandan military – DRC says Kony no longer a threat in Congo, refuses to allow American-backed Ugandan military free range access to DRC land in the now-famous hunt for Kony

Top Rwandan Rebel Leader Surrenders in Congo – A top Rwandan rebel leader of the FDLR, which has been terrorizing the Eastern Congo since fleeing Rwanda in 1995, surrendered on Tuesday during a U.N.-backed military offensive. DRC military, supported by a U.N. peacekeeping mission, began an offensive of Feb. 15 to hunt down FDLR fighters after a series of attacks by the rebel group. In the same region, 15 other rebels and 74 of their dependents have turned themselves over as well. DRC military leaders say they will not stop until all the rebels have been sent home.

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