PASSOP in the News

June 2016:

June 21, 2016 “Home affairs ‘secretly deporting Zimbabweans, Malawians’” Citizen. Online.

May 2016:

May 27, 2016 “Stunning Portraits of Muslim Women Shatter All Those Hateful Stereotypes” Mic. Online.

May 22, 2016 “An Awkward Reason for Seeking Refugee Status” IOL. Online.

May 19, 2016 “South Africa Scores 44% in Amnesty ‘Refugees Welcome’ Survey” TimesLive. Online.

May 18, 2016.”Call for Extension of Lesotho Special Permit Deadline” GroundUp. Online.

August 2015:

August 4, 2015 “GroundUp: Zimbabweans Fear Deportation after Bungled Special Permit Process” Daily Maverick. Online.

September 2013:

September 29, 2013. “Zim opens SA consulate” Southern Eye. Online.

July 2013:

July 1, 2013. “Refugee House Watched” VOC FM. Online.

June 2013:

June 21, 2013. “PASSOP calls for protection of refugees” SABC News. Online.

May 2013:

May 8, 2013: “No Joy for Zimbabweans Seeking SA Work Permits” VOA Zimbabwe. Online.

April 2013:

April 11, 2013. “PASSOP, Home Affairs told” The New Age. Online.

March 2013:

March 25, 2013. “Hanekom slams Zille over newsletter” IOL News. Online.

March 22, 2013. “PASSOP and the Farm Workers Strike: a reply to Helen Zille” PoliticsWeb. Online.

November 2012:

November 21, 2012. “Rights Body Warns of Ethnic Tension” IOL News. Online.

November 12, 2012. “PASSOP Condemns SA Hate Speech” The Zimbabwean. Online.

October 2012:

October 6, 2012. “Home Affairs slates Passop over deportation” The Daily News. IOL. Online.

September 2012:

September 12, 2012. “Home Affairs ‘penalizing’ Asylum Seekers” IOL News. Online.

August 2012:

August 29, 2012. “Passop Hosts Workshop” IS South Africa. Online.

August 8, 2012. “Zimbabweans refugee status being refused” West Cape News. Online.

July 2012:

July 28, 2012. “Gift of the Givers Distribution” Gift of the Givers Foundation. Online.

June 2012:

June 25, 2012. “Foreign spaza shops must go-ANC”  The Sunday Cape Times. IOL Online.

June 22, 2012.  “DA Calls on Mtlanthe to Halt Closure of Refugee Reception Offices” AllAfrica News. Online.

June 22, 2012. “Over 7000 Zimbabweans Deported from South Africa”  The Zimbabwean. Online.

June 21, 2012. “World Refugee Day”   Eyewitness News and Youtube Online.

June 21, 2012. “World Refugee Day in Cape Town”  Bush Radio 89.5 Online and on the Radio.

June 21, 2012. “World Refugee Day Shows Global Plight” Online.

June 21, 2012.  “Reverand Pleads with Home Affairs.” Eyewitness News Online.

June 20, 2012. “Over 50,000 Immigrants Deported in 2010.” on GroundUp News. Online.

June 20, 2012. “Refugees March to Parliament” on BreakingNews24. Multimedia and Youtube. Online.

June 12, 2012. “Western Cape Refugee Centre Office to Relocate”  The Zimbabwean. Online.

June 12, 2012. “Probe Abuse Claims at Refugee Centre.” IOL and SAPA News. Online.

June 8, 2012. “Groups Question SA Migrant Handling.” IOL News. Online.

June 6, 2012. “Tragic Zim Exodus.”  IOL News. Online

June 5, 2012.  “Riots puts spotlight on ‘violation’ of refugees”  The Times Live.  Online.

June 4, 2012. “Future of Refugee Facility Unclear” On the Web and On TV on Eyewitness News.

June 1, 2012. “Refugees March Against Closure of Centre” on The New Age Paper.

May 2012:

May 31st, 2012: “Don’t Abuse Us and Don’t Deny Us Services” in The Zimbabwean.

May 30, 2012.  “Security Sector Tightens on Foreigners.”  AllAfrica News and Western Cape News. Online.

May 30, 2012 “Unsafe Haven: Gay Refugees in South Africa” on

May 30, 2012. “Corruption and Inhumanity at Maitland Home Affairs.” on GroundUp News. Online.

May 29, 2012. “How the Asylum Seeking Process Can Be Improved” on GroundUp News. Online.

May 28, 2012. “Language Centre Stage on Africa Day” The New Age Paper. Online.

May 28, 2012. “How Immigrants are scammed at Maitland Home Affairs” on GroundUp News. Online.

May 28, 2012. “Pinkwashing South Africa” Mamba News in response to a BBC article. Online.

May 22, 2012 “Four Years Since Xeno Attacks” on the Voice of the Cape

May 20, 2012 “Gay South Africans Protest Against Traditional Leaders.” Mamba News. Online.

May 17, 2012. “Protest Against Xenophobia and Homophobia” GroundUp News. Online.

May 17th, 2012 “Disgruntled Asylum Seekers” on Groundup News

May 14th, 2012 NZ journalist released on MSN News

May 10th, 2012 “Home Affairs Office Turns Away Asylum Seekers Because it Runs Out of Paper.” GroundUp News. Online.

May 9th, 2012 Refugee centers may move on Eyewitness News

April 2012:

April, 2012: Remittance Report Featured on CNN.

April 15th, 2012 SA deportations a threat to Zimbabwe in the Zimbabwean

April 11th, 2012 SA remittances to Zimbabwe among the costliest, report finds in Business Day

April 4th, 2012 Tough lesson for Zille from refugee tweet debacle in the Daily Maverick

April 2nd, 2012 Contempt for Court in the Mail & Guardian

March 2012:

March 30th, 2012 PASSOP concerned by Zille’s Tweets on Politics Web

March 22nd, 2012 Illegal immigrants protest outside parliament on Eyewitness News

March 13th, 2012 Info bill is unconstitutional: Biozo in Daily News

March 11th, 2012 South Africa deports 15000 as controls tighten in Times Live

March 6th, 2012 Cosatu urges all to join march in the Post

March 5th, 2012 Over 35,000 expected in Cape Town in the Daily Maverick

March 5th, 2012 250 held in raid in the Cape Argus

February 2012:

February 23rd, 2012 Bizos joins opposition of info Bill in The Citizen

February 21st, 2012 Seven problems with the POSIB – LRC on Politics Web

February 8th, 2012 Civil society’s hopes for Zuma address in the Cape Argus

February 3rd, 2012 Men sentenced to 18 years for murdering South African Lesbian on CNN

February 3rd, 2012 Home Affairs seals a love affair for Kasrils in the Cape Argus

February 2nd, 2012 Lesbian murder sentence welcomed on IOL

February 1st, 2012 SA police slammed for refusing to help beaten Zim man in The Zimbabwean

January 2012:

January 31st, 2012 Forty arrested at Cape Town Occupy on World Socialist Web Site

January 28th, 2012 Refugee refused police service on iafrica

January 27th, 2012: Improve services at refugee center on Eye Witness News

January 27th, 2012: Home Affairs not probing queue death on News 24

January 27th, 2012: Home Affairs Must Give Full Explination on All Africa

January 26th, 2012: Guard’s Assaulting’ Refugees on iAfrica

December 2011:

December 24th, 2011: Congolese Support Tshisekedi on The Voice of the Cape

December 21st, 2011: PASSOP protests SA Deportations on NewsDay

December 20th, 2011: Migrants march to Parliament on Eye Witness News

November 2011:

November 29, 2011: Rights groups up in arms over SA asylum changes in The Zimbabwean

November 28, 2011: Harsher regime for asylum seekers on IRIN News

November 28, 2011: Rights groups in South Africa fighting to stop asylum seekers from working and studying on Bulawayo24 News

November 25, 2011: Government set to review immigrants rights in The Sowetan

November 25, 2011: Cabinet review irks rights body in The New Age

November 16, 2011: South Africa Refuses Asylum to Gay Congolese Man in the Mamba News Online.

October 2011:

October 25, 2011: Deportation of Zimbabweans tearing families apart on IRIN News

October 24, 2011: Zim not ready to receive immigrants on News Day

October 19, 2011: Rights Groups Accuse SA of Double Standards in The Zimbabwean

October 19, 2011: Zims Being Deported in The New Age

October 18, 2011: Zimbabwe: Deportations of Zimbabweans a Political Move in Global Voices

October 17, 2011: SA Urged to Explain ‘Secret’ Deportation Decision in SW Radio Africa

October 17, 2011: Deportations: SA ‘Dishonesty’ Slammed in the New Zimbabwe

October 14, 2011: PASSOP Wants Transparency in The Zimbabwean

October 14, 2011: Does BP Think Spreading Feces is a Good Way to Deter Migrants? in the Care2 Make a Difference

October 13, 2011: South Africa Deports Hundreds of Zimbabweans in Voice of America

October 13, 2011: Stink Over Dog Faeces Smear at Garage in Cape Argus

October 10th, 2011: PASSOP Gets a Dressing Down from Home Affairs in

October 9th, 2011: Deportation Threat to Census in TIMES Live

October 9th, 2011: Uproar Over Impending Deportation in The Zimbabwe Standard

October 7th, 2011: Home Affairs Resumes Zim Deportation in Mail&Guardian Online

October 7th, 2011: South Africa: Deportations of Zimbabwean Migrants Set to Resume in

October 6th, 2011: SA Rights Groups Says Zim Deportations Have Begun in

SW Radio Africa News

October 6th, 2011: Home Affairs Slates PASSOP Over Deportation in Independent Online

September 2011:

September 19th, 2011: “Why Did He Disfigure Me?” in Independent Online

September 19th, 2011: “Susan” Draws Strength From Support After Acid Attack in Cape Argus

September 14th, 2011: Zim Woman Suffers Acid Attack in SA in The New Age Online

September 13th, 2011: Zimbabweans Still Live in Fear in The New Age Online

September 9th, 2011: Money Trickles in for Acid Victim Woman in Western Cape

September 9th, 2011: ‘Why me?’ asks Cape Acid Attack Victim in the Mail & Guardian Online

September 5th, 2011: Fears for Locals as South Africa Lifts Moratorium in Deportation in The Standard

August 2011:

August 27th, 2011: Bad Perceptions of Foreigners in The Voice of the Cape

August 23rd, 2011: Human Rights – PASSOP to fundraise for the Horn of Africa in the Sakhisizwe

August 15th, 2011: UWC Criticised for Dismissing Students in the NGO Pulse

August 6th, 2011: Nerve – wracking time for Zims in SA in the Zimbabwean

August 3rd, 2011: Still No clarity on Zimbabwean deportations in The Zimbabwean

August 1st, 2011: Thousands of Zimbabweans in South Africa Face Deportation in Voice of America

July 2011:

July 29th, 2011: Zimbabweans brace for deportation in Mail & Guardian Online

July 28th, 2011: Second stampede at SA refugee reception centre in SW Radio Africa

July 27th, 2011: No further extension of immigrants deadline in Newsday

July 22nd, 2011: Government allays Zimbabweans’ fear in The New Age

July 21st, 2011: Organisation lends Zimbabweans in the Cape a helping hand in The New Age

July 21st, 2011: Southern Africa: The Case for Opening SADC Borders- “We Live Here, We Work Here, We’re Staying Here!” in All Africa

July 20th, 2011: Panic sets as deportation nears in Newsday

July 19th, 2011: SA rights group appeals for Zim documentation extension in SW Radio Africa

July 18th, 2011: Rights Groups Urges South African Government to Extend Documentation Deadline in Voice of America

July 12th, 2011: Mass SA deportation could cause catastrophe in The Zimbabwean

July 7th, 2011: Deportation threat for undocumented Zimbabweans in Spero News

July 7th, 2011: Foreigners robbed as they flee in West Cape News

July 6th, 2011: Deportation threat for undocumented Zimbabweans in IRIN News

July 5th, 2011: 140,000 Zimbabweans apply for work, business in SA in The Zimdiaspora

June 2011:

June 27th, 2011: Respect Zimbabweans in SA, PASSOP urges in News24

June 27th, 2011: PASSOP Calls for Patience in Voice of the Cape

June 22nd, 2011: Xenophobia Accused is ANC Councillor in IOL News

June 21st, 2011: South Africa to begin Deporting Illegal Zimbabweans in Zim Daily

June 21st, 2011: PASSOP Condemns SA Xenophobia in News Day

June 21st, 2011: Group urges ANC to act against Xenophobia in Zim Online

June 20th, 2011: Murder-Accused ANC Councillor gets Bail in IOL News

June 20th, 2011: Two Sides to Every Story but Xenophobia is Not One of Them in News Time

June 20th, 2011: SA Groups Calls for action after Xenophobic Killing in SW Radio Africa

June 20th, 2011: PASSOP urges ANC to act against Xenophobia in IOL News

June 17th, 2011: South Africa to begin deporting illegal Zimbabwean Immigrants in Media Global

June 14th, 2011: South Africa: Fear rises in as Zimbabwean Deportations Loom in All Africa

June 2nd, 2011: Home Affairs Studies Report on Refugee Center in AllAfrica

June 2nd, 2011: Corruption Plagues Maitland Refugee Center in Cape Times

June 1st, 2011: Home Affairs to Study Refugee Report in News24

May 2011:

May 29th, 2011: New Project will exclusively help Sexual Refugees in Cape Argus

May 24th, 2011: Zimbabweans in South Africa Complain Zimbabwean Consulate Slowing Down Regularization Process in VOA News

May 18th, 2011: PASSOP Opens ZDP Appeals Desk to Assist Zimbabweans in South Africa in The Zimbabwean

May 5th, 2011: “Shack fire: two more bodies found” in The New Age.

May 4th, 2011: “‘Bribes for passports’, say Zimbabwe officials” in The New Age

May 1st, 2011: “Man ‘beaten’ outside Home Affairs” in Cape Argus.

April 2011:

April 26th, 2011: “Zimbabweans in CT no longer have to collect passports in Joburg” on EyeWitness News

April 23rd, 2011: “Refugee activist group slams security sector discrimination” in the Weekend Argus.

April 17th, 2011: “PASSOP extremely concerned over mass dismissals of foreign security guards” in The Zimbabwean

April 7th, 2011: “Long trek to collect passports” in the Cape Argus

April 6th, 2011: “Zimbabwe: Passport threat dismissed by SA refugee rights group” on

April 6th, 2011: “Passports for Zimbabweans ready” on Times Live

March 2011:

March 26th: “SOUTH AFRICA: New laws mean new hurdles for asylum seekers” on IRIN News.

March 24th: “Illegal immigrants ‘thrown to the wolves‘” on EyeWitness News.

March 2nd: “Zimbabwe ‘uprising’ stalls” on


March 2nd: “Mugabe ‘hanged’ by UK protesters” in SWRadio Africa.


March 2nd: “Mugabe executed” in the Zimbabwe Mail.


March 2nd: “Passop urges govt. to intervene in Zim, activists still in jail” on Eyewitness News.


March 2nd: “Zim activists march on Parly” on Bua News.


February 2011:

February 27th: “Zim project ends in June” in The Voice of the Cape.


February 24th: “Zim drags its feet” in Voice of the Cape.


February 22nd: “Dlamini-Zuma the key over Zim refugees” in the Sowetan.


February 21st: “Zimbabwe: Ministers in SA over passport crisis” on

February 4th: “Zim project hits setback” in The Sowetan


February 3rd: “Uncertainty in Zim community” in The Citizen


February 3rd: “Zim consulate still stalling on passports” in The Zimbabwean


January 2011:

January 31: “Zimbabweans in SA fear for their relatives’ safety” on Gatvol News.

January 31: “Zim election may lead to influx of refugees” on Eyewitness News.

January 27: “Immigration Bill impractical” on The Voice of the Cape.

January 26: “Zim students offered reprieve in SA” on SW Radio Africa.

January 25: “Edgy Zimbabweans ‘let down by their consulate'” in the Cape Argus.

January 25: “PASSOP seeks amendment to immigration bill” on Eye Witness News.

January 19: “Pregnant Zim women threatened with deportation” in Cape Argus and on SW Radio Africa

January 13: “Zim deportations delayed to August” on IOL News.

January 12: “Another setback for Zim ‘regularisation’” in the Sowetan.

January 10: “Man beaten up at Zim consulate” in the Cape Times

January 7: “South Africa-Zimbabwe: No deportations until March” on IRIN News

January 6: “Passports stall immigrants documentation” on ZimOnline

January 5: Home Affairs went extra mile” on


January 5: Zimbabweans still waiting for passports” in The New Age


January 5: “100,000 Zimbabweans await passports” in Times Live


January 5: “100,000 Zimbabweans still in limbo” in The Sunday Independent


January 4: “Home Affairs went the extra mile” in Cape Times

January 2: “Zimbabweans praise Home Affairs officials” in Eye Witness News


December 2010:

December 29: “Deadline near for Zimbabweans in South Africa” on National Public Radio (NPR)

December 23: “Tensions rise in SA as documentation deadline looms” on


December 21: “Zim, SA: Tussle over planned deportations” in Daily News


December 19: “1.3m Zimbabweans face arrest as amnesty deadline looms” in Times Live


December 16: “South Africa: Bureaucracy could delay deportations” in UNHCR Refworld


December 15: “SA Government still lacks clear policy” in The Zimbabwean

November 2010:


Zim Consulate hits back at PASSOP” in the TimesSAGuardian

Consulate ‘stealing’ from Zimbabweans” in The Zimbabwean

“Stop stealing money from Zimbabweans, Consulate in South Africa told” in


“Zim consulate accused of ‘fleecing’ passport applicants” in Eye Witness News


“Zim consulate slammed for ‘stealing’ from Zimbabweans” in SW Radio Africa


“Bill may affect refugee process” in The Voice of the Cape


“Refugee: I’m afraid” in IOL News


“SA urged to extend Zim documentation deadline” in The Zimbabwean


“Turned away from SA consulate” in the Zimbabwean

October 2010:

“Zim xenophobia victims to return to SA communities” in SW Radio Africa News


“PASSOP: Amnesty in Zim” in the Voice of the Cape

“SA govt urged to extend Zim amnesty” in The Southern Times


Passop calls for amnesty deadline for Zimbabweans” in Eye Witness News


“Passop wants Zim deadline extended” in Cii Broadcasting


September 2010:

“Call to extend deadline for new permits” in The Sowetan


“Extend Zim Amnesty” in Times Live


“Extend Zim Amnesty” in The Times SA Guardian


“Extend Zim amnesty period” in News24


“Deportation of Zimbabweans in South Africa to begin January 2011” in Net News Publisher


“South Africa to resume Zimbabwe deportations” in Signs of the


“‘No’ to zim deportation” in The Sowetan


“NGO warns govt’s Zim plans could be manipulated for municipal elections” in Eyewitness News


“SOUTH AFRICA : Deportation of Zimbabweans to begin again” in IRIN News


“Rights Activists Slam S.African Government for Scheduling return of Deportations” in Voice of America


“Tough time for Zimbabweans” in The Citizen


“End of the line for illegal Zim nationals” in Times Live


Zim deportations will ‘endanger lives'” in News24


“Planned SA deportations slammed” in Nehanda Radio


“Refugee group slams govt decision on Zim migrants” in the Mail & Guardian


“Cabinet’s Zim decision ‘is death sentence'” in City Press


“De Doorns foreigners to be evicted” in The Voice of the Cape

August 2010:

Zim refugees to be relocated at last

July 2010:

National unity campaign launched to curb xenophobia

Xenophobia … SADC states worried

Civil Society Groups Launch National Unity Campaign to Curb Xenophobia

Mthethwa, Zuma warn about careless xenophobic talk

SAPS Earn Praise for Response to Attacks on Foreigners

SA must fill policy gap that breeds xenophobia | History Matters

South Africans rob Zimbabwe foreigners as they flee

Zimbabweans fleeing SA amid fears of more xenophobic violence

Xenophobia Fears Escalate – PASSOP | NGO Pulse

SOUTH AFRICA: Rumours of xenophobia send foreign nationals fleeing

Foreigners flee

Xenophobia fears escalate

Immigrants vacate homes in SA

Xenophobia attacks fears spark panic among foreign nationals

June 2010:

Encouraging statement

PASSOP will hold protest march on 15 June

Bush Radio 89.5 fm Newsroom: Refugee rights group fuming with …

InternAfrica: Khayelitsha toilets war in court

Bush Radio 89.5 fm Newsroom: 30 toilets returned to De Doorns camp

May 2010:

Charity Passop needs 550 blankets. Let’s reach this target. I know

Eyewitness News Passop opposes closure of refugee site

Violence only a possibility

Outrage as Zim refugee camp in South Africa faces closure

Eyewitness News: Closure of site reckless – Passop

SA to close De Doorns xenophobia refugee camp

In To The Undiscovered Midst of Zimbabwe

April 2010:

Eyewitness News Xenophobia is spreading Passop

ANC ssuspends xenophobic councilor

NGO News Africa: The State of Zimbabwean refugees

University of Cape Town / Newsroom & publications / Daily news

SWRadioAfrica Podcast » Blog Archive » Diaspora Diaries 20.04.10

ANC suspends councillors for ‘xenophobia’

Corruption and deception in IDP camps Passop Watch

New court battle to relocate Maitland Refugee Centre

Final eviction of xenophobia victims begins

Desperate lives and twilight worlds

March 2010:

In defence of Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma

Zimbabweans living in squalor in South Africa

Victory for workers

South Africa: NUM condemns xenophobic construction company ..

PASSOP welcomes NUM efforts against xenophobia

COSATU Media Monitor, 18 March 2010 – COSATU Daily News | Google

‘Dompas’ to go to the toilet – workers’ shocking claims

World News Update Daily: 1 Million Casualties of Zimbabwe’s Land

SABCNews – Main Feature > Top Stories

Chilling warning to Nyanga foreigners

The forgotten plight of Zimbabwe’s xenophobia victims in SA

Wrong body sent home from Cape Town

February 2010:

Up to 2700 Zimbabweans displaced in South Africa attacks – Inform

Blubrry – – Diaspora Diaries 23.02.10

Eyewitness News PASSOP wants cops to protect De Doorns foreigners

SA steps in to help displaced Zims

Child dies in camp

January 2010:

ZIMBABWE : Un million de victimes de la réforme agraire

A toddler of 13 months has died at the camp sheltering displaced

ZIMBABWE: One Million Casualties of Land Reform

Xenophobia? What xenophobia?

Eyewitness News: PASSOP optimistic govt will help in De Doorns

Mdladlana to tackle Zimbabwean labour issue

Nestle reopens Zimbabwe factory. – NewsFeed Researcher – zimbabwe

The Voice of the Cape – – Bleak future at De Doorns

American Renaissance News: Desperate Somalis Seek ‘Back-Door

SWRadioAfrica Podcast » 2009 » December » 31

Nestlé renews Zim operations in convoluted agreement

December 2009:

S. African Activists Slam Zimbabwe Minister for Blaming Nestle Row

The Voice of the Cape – – Fears of fires at De Doorns

Zim farm worker drowns in SA

Zimbabwean refugees fear being forced to reintegrate: CityPress

Business Report – Old Mutual’s Zimpaper shares

Business Report – Old Mutual defends Zimbabwe newspaper investments

Nightmare continues at De Doorns | The Zimbabwe Situation

‘Xenophobia Used for Political Gains’

Eyewitness News: Zuma must act on his good words, says refugee

Eyewitness News: Human rights violations in De Doorns

We were chased like dogs … – Times LIVE

They are cashing in on misery

Zimbabwean migrants displaced in S Africa mob attack

November 2009:

‘F*** off and go to Zimbabwe’

SA refugee group slams political leaders over xenophobia

Old Mutual faces human rights complaint

Old Mutual Under Fire

Insurance giant threatened with boycott

Complaint against Old Mutual at HRC

Petition Old Mutual to stop funding Zimbabwe’s state-controlled media

October 2009:

Move refugee centre – business owners

Eyewitness News Refugee centre capacity will be tested PASSOP

September 2009:

‘Don’t ignore Central Methodist Church’s good work’

Refugee centre looking for new home


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