African Solidarity Education Project

The struggle against the pervasive xenophobic sentiments in communities in and around Cape Town, and in South Africa as a whole, can only be successful now and in the future if a broad-based awareness is created behind the issue. We believe the best way to achieve this is to educate and inform the upcoming generation of South Africa. We feel that distrust, resentment and even hatred are learned rather than inherently present in the worldview of individuals. It is for this reason that we created a discussion-based curriculum designed to educate youth about issues around human rights, international relations in Southern Africa and xenophobia in the context of South Africa. The objective of the programme is to promote greater understanding of and tolerance and respect for the multitude of dynamic factors and cultures that make South Africa unique.

Our goal in implementing this curriculum is to counter stereotypes and feelings of xenophobia, create opportunities for student empowerment, promote positive cohabitation between South Africans and immigrants, and teach students to understand and respect each other’s differences as a means of fostering a culture of peace and cooperation.

Our approach [of implementation] is to utilize an interactive teaching method that emphasizes leadership, skill building, self-awareness, and socio-emotional learning. We intend to include the following teaching techniques: facilitated discussion, role play, participatory activities, and visual and auditory aids.

The programme will target high school students ages thirteen to eighteen and will involve a carefully designed curriculum that consists of four one-hour discussion-based lessons (one per week) that will be led by PASSOP staff and volunteers.

To read through our curriculum, including lesson plans and activities, click here.

To read our country profiles, click here.

If you are in the Cape Town area and would like our African Solidarity Education Project to be implemented in your school, please email us at

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  1. I am always proud of the work of this NGO and wish to bring my support to waht evr initiative they are doing for refugee in SA.
    Ww love you and once back to our home contry you will be inveted and be honered for the great work of your organisation.
    Need to participate to any of your project, please contact me.

  2. Coup de chatau again to PASSOP for the assistance that you continue to show to refugee in this troubled Cape Town office. We are proud of your work guys.

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