Disabled Children Support Project

Disadvantaged and low-income families with disabled children often need to go to extreme lengths and overcome steep odds when trying to ensure the necessary care and education for their disabled children in South Africa. Not only is there a lack of quality care at affordable prices and an acute shortage of education, but there is also a lack of oversight of the different services that are available. These problems are particularly widespread amongst non-South African families, who struggle to find the necessary care for their disabled children and are often unaware of the limited support networks that exist. To address the needs of this marginalized group of people and to shed light on the structural shortcomings that lie at the root of these issues, PASSOP ran a small Disabled Children Support Project (DCSP) in the Western Cape Province.

The principal objectives of the DCSP were to:

  • conduct research to understand the shortcomings that exist in the delivery of services to families with disabled children;
  • assist immigrant families who have children with disabilities with finding support networks, providing information and getting assistance; and
  • publicly advocate for the improved access to education, care, and treatment for immigrant families with disabled children.

An information booklet of all relevant contact information of schools, support organizations, hospitals, and social services can be downloaded here.

For more information or assistance, please contact our office at 0214182838 or email us at office@passop.co.za.

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