Psychosocial Counselling and Support

PASSOP has opened a help desk that offers free counselling services to all refugees, asylum-seekers and immigrants. A trained professional provides psychosocial support and offers counselling to people who have been through difficult times, painful emotional issues, behavioural or relationship problems, abuse and other issues. The counselling is done in private and on an individual basis. The counselling help desk is open every Tuesday. To make appointments, call the office at 021 762 0322 or just walk in.

4 responses to “Psychosocial Counselling and Support

  1. i need advice on how to study for free because i dont have support.and help of documentation.and help me get work

    • We can provide paralegal assistance for your documentation and CV assistance in order to look for work. We can also advice you on educational opportunities. Please come visit our office in Wynberg, 37 Church St.

      • I also got a serious psychosocial problem. I am psychologically unstable, this had render it difficult for me to go through all the process of renewing my expired and lost permit. It’s five years now living without permit since I lost it. And due to some embarrassing situations of home affair, and partly, of my own psychological problems, it has been hard for me to regain a renewed duplication paper. Please, how can you help me ?

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