Concerns About Gupta Gigaba Visa Attack

While PASSOP shares and understands the concerns of many South Africans regarding allegations of corruption and abuse of state resources, we are disappointed with those in opposition and the media who have portrayed anti-immigration sentiments and xenophobia in their attack against Minister Malusi Gigaba. The Minister has been accused of several things, and although we are not privy to detailed information, we know that many of the allegations refer to decisions made during the preceding Minister’s term. PASSOP is particularly concerned that people from other SADC countries who are currently living in South Africa with no documentation and are being offered illegal methods to legalize their stay in South Africa—which is only a money making ruse. Selfish tactics such as this are an insult to the thousands of beneficiaries and demonizes their legalization process. The documentation project, which is aimed to extend Zimbabwean’s permits, was done at a reduced rate and was accepted by civil society when the fee was announced. The new process was largely accepted as it was less cumbersome than the previous permit extension process where Zimbabweans would have to return to Zimbabwe to apply for an extension.

PASSOP appeals to the media and those in opposition to avoid bringing immigrations into any scandal placing them at risk. Over 270,000 immigrants are legally sound and must not be put into question. The allegation that “Gigaba and Guptas will allow South Africa to flood, because they are earning money from their documents” is an extremist anti-immigration viewpoint and dangerous in South Africa. Those opposed must realize that this is not an acceptable way to raise concerns around any issue. If there is any corruption it must be dealt with professionally, but using immigrants in public sound bites is intolerable.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Bernard Toyambi at 073 121 9625.

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