Candlelight Vigil to Honour Victims of Xenophobic Violence



Vigil in Memory of those Injured and Killed  in the Xenophobic Violence of May 2008

In May 2008, 62 people were killed and 670 injured in the xenophobic violence that broke out in South Africa. On Tuesday May 22 we invite members of the South African and refugee communities affected by this violence, local leaders and as well as members of non-government organizations- to honour the victims of this xenophobic violence in a candlelight vigil at The Slavery Tree, from 6:00 to 830 pm.  We believe that in the Western Cape this is the most suitable place for us to recognize the injustices of 2008.

We will light 732 candles, one for each person killed or injured in these attacks, to remember our fallen brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers and grandparents. These candles will serve as a visual reminder to all that we must unite and create a culture of inclusion in order to prevent this widespread violence from happening again. These candles will also serve to encourage us to never again let hate spread throughout our communities.

Before the lighting of candles and the vigil we will listen to voices of some of those who were displaced followed by input from civil society and leaders present followed by a panel discussion. This panel discussion will take place at The Idasa House, 6 Spin Street.

We will come together, spreading messages of unity and love, celebrating our differences and our diversities in our united battle to overcome xenophobia and xenophobic violence.

For comment:

Braam Hanekom (PASSOP) 084 319 1764

Miranda Madikane  (Scalibrini Centre) 083 380 3572

Fatima Swats  (Healing of Memories) 083 462 0607


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