May 31st Protest Outside the Western Cape Refugee Reception Centre



Protest to Demand the Department of Home Affairs Serves ALL people EQUALLY under the law.

Protest on Thursday May 31st

10:30 to 12:00

Outside the Maitland Refugee Reception Centre


PASSOP, in conjunction with other civil society groups, will be staging a protest outside the Maitland Refugee Reception Centre on Thursday, May 31st from 10 to 12.   Our protest aims to highlight the following grievances:

  • The ongoing and incessant abuse of asylum seekers by the Department of Home Affairs;
  • Instead of improving services, the Department appears to be denying and ceasing all services to newcomers in several provinces.
  • We are shocked that they have been unwilling to find another venue in which to serve immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers in the Western Cape.
  • We believe that the Department of Home Affairs plans to permanently close  the Refugee Reception Centre in the Western Cape thereby denying all services to asylum seekers in this province.
  • Without consulting civil society, and without due process, the Department has stated it will close all refugee reception centres in the country, except those at the border thereby denying about 400,000 people the services they are entitled to and so desperately need.

Tomorrow law abiding asylum seekers and immigrants are protesting because they desire to be follow the law; they wish to be given the opportunity to fulfill their legal obligation to apply for asylum.  We are outraged by the actions- past, present and future plans- of the Department of Home Affairs, and we cannot sit in silence over these egregious human rights violations.  We hope you will join us in solidarity and in protest, standing alongside our African Brothers and Sisters, to unite as one voice calling for the Department of Home Affairs to serve ALL people as EQUAL under the law.

For Information, Please Contact:

Koko Guylian 078 5029 626

Langton Miriyoga 084 0269 658

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  1. hi. ì got a call from a Congolese guy being deported from south africa for not being in possession of documents. this same guy has been in cape town for many years as a refugee, and got clearance from south african internal affairs. the police arrest them & destroy their documents. they are now in a prison called lindela near johannesburg. this guy called me from a cell phone no. +27731106291. he told me that people are shooting at them while they in jail. he too has been shot. these guys fear for their lives.

    • We have someone from our paralegal staff attempting to contact him now. Thank you for letting us know and we will do our best to assist him.

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