Press Statement: Susan Press Conference

PASSOP is holding Press Conference with ‘Susan Forgives’ at 3pm at IDASA House today, Monday October 10th, 2011.

Press Release – For Immediate Release

CAPE TOWN – In light of the huge costs ahead faced by acid attack victim, “Susan Forgives”, PASSOP and an event company, “Someone’s Getting Fired”, have organised a fundraising event to take place at the Jade Bar and Lounge on Wednesday the 12th of October.

A press conference will be held today at 3pm at IDASA House, 6 Spin St. Cape Town. “Susan” will be in attendance and will give an update on her progress over the last few weeks. Jack Mantis, a local musician who is playing for free in this fundraising event and members of his band will also be present.

We are appealing for support from the media in raising awareness about the event.

For more information please call Chandra Frank 0730551564 Arafat Matovu 0721554147

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