Other Advocacy Campaigns

PASSOP Protest - DrumsThrough over 20 protest actions and several sit-ins outside Parliament, outside and inside Home Affairs offices, outside police stations and inside the South African Human Rights commission, PASSOP has helped bring the issues of xenophobia and refugee rights to the public eye.

In partnership with, and represented by the Legal Resources Centre, PASSOP won a court case against the Department of Home Affairs in 2008 stopping the deportation of close to 20 Zimbabweans.  PASSOP has also made submissions to parliament on the proposed amendments to the Citizenship Bill and the Refugees Act (2010).

Following the death of Adonis Musati, a Zimbabwean asylum seeker who starved to death outside the Refugee Reception Centre in Cape Town in 2008, PASSOP raised funds (R17 000) to repatriate his body for proper burial in Zimbabwe and established a group which later developed independently into the Adonis Musati Project Рan organisation that has fed and provided for hundreds of asylum seekers. In 2010 PASSOP managed to organise a meeting between PASSOP staff, Adbell Musati (Adonis Musati’s identical twin brother), his parents and the previous Deputy Minister of Home Affairs, Malusi Gigaba. Mr. Gigaba conveyed his sincere condolences and had lunch with the family, helping to provide closure for the family and showing that South Africa respects their rights. PASSOP also lodged a complaint with the Human Rights Commission against the Refugee Reception Centre manager responsible (she has since been dismissed).