Right to Education

Your child’s right to Education:

  • According to the South African Schools Act and the United Nations Convention on the rights of a Child, all children between the ages of 5 and 15 must to attend school.
  • No learner can be asked to pay registration fees or advancement of fees in a state school.
  • No learner may be refused admission on grounds of language.
  • No child can be refused admission if parents cannot afford fees.  If you cannot afford to pay fees, the school will give you a form to complete and send to the government for an exemption. **If you need assistance filling out these forms, please contact us.
  • No child can be refused admission if they cannot afford school uniform or school books.
  • No learner can be refused admission to a school on grounds of race or religion, ethnic, national or social background.

Documents that are needed for admission:

  1. Copy of birth certificate ( if not available the school must still accept the learner on the condition that a birth certificate  will be provided at a latter stage)
  2. Report or transfer card from previous school (or an affidavit stating why transfer card is not available)
  3. In the case of undocumented person, school can accept the learner on the condition that documents are produced in reasonable time.