Discussion Forum: Do you think the slow progress in printing Zimbabwean passports is part of a political agenda?

There has been much criticism in recent weeks over the slow progress made by Harare in processing the thousands of passport applications. This has been accentuated by the current suspension of printing, due to a mystery ‘electrical fault’, as well as by the apparent refusal to accept a much faster South African printing machine, out of ‘security reasons’. Do you think these are just part and parcel of Zimbabwe’s over-burdened and inefficient bureaucracy, or is it a systematic political move to constrain the movement of people prior to the planned elections later this year?  Please leave a comment below.

PASSOP opens new headquarters


PASSOP has moved to a new headquarters office in the centre of Wynberg. The move is part of a process of rapid expansion that is now in full swing. PASSOP was previously operating out of Braam Hanekom’s mother’s house.

The new headquarters is ideally located on the Main Road close to the Wynberg Home Affairs Office and the Magistrates Court.  It will greatly increase PASSOP’s capacity, in terms of both the amount of appointments we can take and the amount of staff and volunteers we can hire. With the new headquarters in place, we are ready to take on the many issues at hand and are sure that 2011 will be a big year.

The address of the headquarters is 31 Church Street, (corner of Main Rd and Church St.) in Wynberg and our new office telephone number is 021-820 4664. Come by and have a look at our new place – we are open Monday – Friday from 9am to 5pm.