Press Statements

June 20, 2016. World Refugee Day 2016

June 15, 2016. We Stand With Orlando

November 22, 2012. “COSATU and PASSOP call on Minister to Give Amnesty to Immigrant Farmworkers

November 18, 2012. “PASSOP Concerned 3 Years After Displacement of 3000 Zimbabweans in De Doorns

November 17, 2012. “Appeal for Emergency Relief in De Doorns Crisis

November 5, 2012. “PASSOP, South African Human Rights Commission and 39 Unlawfully Detained Immigrants Take SA Minister of Home Affairs to Court

June 25, 2012. Joint Press Statement:  “Xenophobic Violence in Tel-Aviv

June 21, 2012. “Uganda Unjustly Bans NGOs.”

June 21, 2012. “The DHA Has Undermined the ANC Policy Conference.

June 20, 2012. “Protest March Against the Closing of the Refugee Reception Centre.”

June 14, 2012:  “We Condemn the Brutal Murder of Thapelo Makhutle.

June 12, 2012: “Every Undocumented Asylum Seeker in the Western Cape Must Present Themselves at Maitland Refugee Reception Centre within the next 19 Days.”

June 4, 2012:  “Perils and Pitfalls: Migrants and Deportation in South Africa” Report Launch

May 30, 2012:  Protest Outside the Refugee Reception Centre

May 21, 2012:  Candlelight Vigil to Honour Victims of Xenophobia

May 16, 2012:  International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia Celebration

October 17th, 2011: PASSOP and ZEF lodge complaint with Parliamentary Portfolio Committee about DG Apleni

October 13th, 2011: Press Statement: Job Seekers, COSATU Young Workers Forum (Western Cape) and PASSOP Lodge Complaints Against BP

October 11th, 2011: PASSOP urges all foreigners to cooperate in the 2011 Census

October 10th, 2011: Susan Press Conference

October 9th, 2011: Protest against xenophobic attacks

October 5th, 2011: DHA Begins Deportation

August 2nd, 2011: Clarity on the Zimbabwean Deportation Moratorium and the Zimbabwean Documentation Project

August 2nd, 2011: Seeking Clarification from the Department of Home Affairs

July 21st, 2011: PASSOP Welcomes the One Month Extension to Allow For the Completion of the ZDP

July 12th, 2011: Swaziland Democracy Campaign Cape Town Charter Launch

June 27th, 2011: PASSOP Calls for Patience during Final Stages of the ZDP

June 19th, 2011: PASSOP Calls on ANC, COSATU and SACP to Expel Xenophobic Councillors

May 30th, 2011: Report Launch: “The Road to Documentation – Asylum-seekers access to Refugee Reception Centre in Maitland.”

April 17th, 2011: Immigrant being dismissed from private security companies

April 5th, 2011: Zimbabwean Consulate passport collection deadline an empty threat

March 9th, 2011: ZDP Monitoring Report Launched

February 28th, 2011: Protest against human rights violations in Zimbabwe

February 21st, 2011: Minister’s concession on deadline is welcomed

February 20th, 2011: Dlamini-Zuma to meet Zimbabwean counterparts

February 3rd, 2011: Zim authorities continue to ignore concerns of SA government, civil society and the plight of desperate passport applicants

January 5th, 2011: At least 100,000 Zimbabweans still need passports

December 31st, 2010: Zimbabwean Dispensation Project Deadline

November 11th, 2010: Consulate stealing from poor Zimbabweans