Colours of Cape Town: Solidarity with the LGBTI refugee community


PASSOP is hosting a community-building and awareness-raising event on Saturday July 23rd. The aim is to promote understanding and tolerance, as well as further the integration of LGBTI refugees into the larger LGBTI community here in Cape Town. Our hope is that the event will encourage LGBTI refugee rights activism, empower the community, and be educational for those outside the community. The latter being extremely important for the safety of this very marginalized population. There will be an array of speakers:

-People who work directly with the community speaking on the specific challenges LGBTI refugees face
-LGBTI refugees who will selflessly share their personal stories
-Community leaders who will promote the message of empowerment

We will also showcase an exhibition of award winning photographer Robin Hammond’s “Where Love is Illegal” project.

The event will be free and open to the public. Among those encouraged to attend will be: Police, Department of Home Affairs, Department of Labor, community leaders, church leaders, LGBTI organizations, and South African media.

Please RSVP to the facebook link: Colours of Cape Town

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