Lost and Found Passports

Hi Guys will please come to the Passop office in Wynberg to fetch your passport the names are as follow

1.Mamorena  Alina Motsoso passsport no:RA073753 from King of Lesotho

2.Hillary Manyepwa  passport no:AN594708 from Zimbabwe

3.Brian Walter Zororo Madzimbamuto passport no:CN603197 from Zimbabwe

Hi guys will you please come at Passop office to fetch your passports and birth certificate that you forgot at Belleville few weeks ago please as soon as possible.

2 Passports-for. Hildah Chokwenda and Evison  Munengiwa.Birth certificate for Takudzwa Ian  Manjoro.

If you know them please just give them this message.


May 31st Protest Outside the Western Cape Refugee Reception Centre



Protest to Demand the Department of Home Affairs Serves ALL people EQUALLY under the law.

Protest on Thursday May 31st

10:30 to 12:00

Outside the Maitland Refugee Reception Centre


PASSOP, in conjunction with other civil society groups, will be staging a protest outside the Maitland Refugee Reception Centre on Thursday, May 31st from 10 to 12.   Our protest aims to highlight the following grievances:

  • The ongoing and incessant abuse of asylum seekers by the Department of Home Affairs;
  • Instead of improving services, the Department appears to be denying and ceasing all services to newcomers in several provinces.
  • We are shocked that they have been unwilling to find another venue in which to serve immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers in the Western Cape.
  • We believe that the Department of Home Affairs plans to permanently close  the Refugee Reception Centre in the Western Cape thereby denying all services to asylum seekers in this province.
  • Without consulting civil society, and without due process, the Department has stated it will close all refugee reception centres in the country, except those at the border thereby denying about 400,000 people the services they are entitled to and so desperately need.

Tomorrow law abiding asylum seekers and immigrants are protesting because they desire to be follow the law; they wish to be given the opportunity to fulfill their legal obligation to apply for asylum.  We are outraged by the actions- past, present and future plans- of the Department of Home Affairs, and we cannot sit in silence over these egregious human rights violations.  We hope you will join us in solidarity and in protest, standing alongside our African Brothers and Sisters, to unite as one voice calling for the Department of Home Affairs to serve ALL people as EQUAL under the law.

For Information, Please Contact:

Koko Guylian 078 5029 626

Langton Miriyoga 084 0269 658

Press Statement: International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia Celebration





PASSOP’s LGBTI Refugee Advocacy Project in conjunction with Triangle Project  celebrate  the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia.

Venue: Community Centre of Observatory
Date: 17th May 2012
Time: 10:00 am to 2:00 pm

PASSOP, the Triangle Project, Scalibrini Centre, and Gender Dynamix unite over the rights and challenges the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender communities face in Cape Town and in South Africa.  These organizations are coming together tomorrow to celebrate International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia.

From PASSOP’s work with the LGBTI community it has become clear that exclusion, isolation and loneliness are some of the greatest troubles that sexual refugees endure.

PASSOP, in conjunction with the Triangle Project, will be hosting a four hour workshop to foster better communication between the LGBTI communities and the organizations that serve them.  At this event, we will hear from members within the LGBTI community as they share their stories, concerns and needs with members of their community and with members of civil society.  Other highlights of tomorrow’s workshop include guest speaker Jayne Arnott, the Director of the Triangle Project, and a play written and acted by Khayelisha residents.

We stand united in overcoming the prejudices and difficulties LGBTI refugees face and will steadfastly work to foster a community that includes ALL of its peoples.


Media Watch: April 7-13th

Here is an update of relevant news from South Africa and the region from the past week.

South Africa News

Refugees attacked at Home Affairs office in Pretoria – Tuesday 10 April, a security official employed by Home Affairs attacked refugees with a sjambok while they were waiting in line outside the Home Affairs (HA) office in Pretoria. HA has not been renewing documents because they ran out of the specific paper. The situation has turned drastic as refugees start paying bribes to officials who claim to be able to fast track their documents.

South African government owns up to invalid deportations – After the deportation of 125 Nigerians on the basis of false allegations of documentation fraud, the government has finally issued a formal apology. Nigeria accepted the apology, though some tensions remain.

Home Affairs blames its incompetence on immigrants – Mkhuseli Apleni, director general of Home Affairs, was recently accused of making xenophobic comments about foreign nationals. Apleni has claimed that foreign nationals detained at the Lindela Detention Centre lie about their identities and birth countries, delaying their deportation and extending their period of detention. The LRC has called these inaccurate comments “inappropriate and unbecoming of a high level government official.”

Home Affairs continues to refuse to comply with court orders – Lindela, a large holding facility for suspected undocumented migrants, has a well-earned reputation for human rights abuses. Many detainees report that court orders compelling the Department of Home Affairs to release them are being ignored. The facility is hugely overcrowded because detainees are often held beyond the regulatory time limit of 120 days. DHA Director General Apleni did not deny his department’s refusal to comply with court orders.

Home Affairs fails to meet the needs of asylum seekers – The Department of Home Affairs is struggling to meet the needs of asylum seekers, as its top official recently admitted. Fights and stampedes are commonplace in lines outside offices that accept asylum applications. The UN High Commissioner for Refugees has expressed concern over how the system in South Africa creates difficulties for those escaping violent and oppressive conditions. The system is fraught with frequent delays, backlogging, inefficiency, and invalid refusals to grant asylum.

Ncube accuses South African immigration officials of racism – After being detained without valid cause at OR Tambo International Airport, newspaper publisher Trevor Ncube tweeted “it’s time South African immigration stopped assuming every black African coming into the country is a desperate criminal”. South African immigration officials have been repeatedly accused of racism, xenophobia and classism.

Zimbabwe News

Mugabe’s denies health emergency reports – Robert Mugabe returned from Asia Thursday, amongst rumors that he had experienced a health emergency.  During the past 16 months, the President has flown to Singapore 10 times to receive medical treatment for prostate cancer. Rumors of ill health spread after a Nigerian preacher had a prophecy that Southern African leaders faced imminent deaths.

Zimbabwe stops subsidy agricultural inputs in favor of a market-based financing approach – The new scheme by the Agricultural and Finance ministers centers around a “cost recovery” scheme and seeks to offset food insecurity.  The finance minister will make $5 million available to farmers for fertiliser and seeds. An additional $15 million of agricultural inputs will be carried over from the summer season. Analysts say that this plan is not sustainable because farmers will need to find working capital on their own, which, in the Zimbabwean environment, is hard to come by.

Teachers pressure government to include them in indigenization and economic empowerment program – Tendai Chikowore, president of the Zimbabwe Teachers Association, called for inclusion in the economic empowerment program, asking the government to extend the services to civil servants. Critics of this demand, including the president of the Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe, said that the payment of salaries should come before demands for empowerment.

DRC News

President Kabila calls for military defectors to rejoin – Soldiers loyal to former rebel leader Ntaganda defected from the DRC military last week in answer to a call from Ntaganda to join him.  Ntaganda wanted the soldiers to bolster his personal protection as the ICC calls for his arrest to face charges of war crimes. Violence is not anticipated due to the military advantage held by Kinshasa, and President Kabila went to Goma in eastern DRC to pressure the soldiers to return.

Malawi News

Joyce Banda sworn in as President after the death of Mutharika – President Banda, Malawi’s first female president, was sworn into office Tuesday 7 April, after two tense days where the government delayed announcing Mutharika’s death. In less than a week, President Banda fired the police chief, information minister, and a top state broadcaster. The President is seeking to normalise relations with donors and to get Malawi back on track.

Media Watch 10/3/2012 – 16/3/2012

Every week we publish a selection of relevant news from Southern Africa. Below are stories that happened between March 10th and 16th. Click here for a Media Watch posts from previous weeks. To sign up to receive weekly Media Watch in your email, send ‘Subscribe me to Media Watch’ to office@passop.co.za

South Africa news

Police try to detain 4th generation Capetonian – A Capetonian university student claims police accused him of being an undocumented immigrant and shoved him into the back of a police van in Athlone Wednesday night. The student, Jainudien Sablay, said close to 40 officers intimidated and verbally abused him, calling him a “Pakistani” and rejecting his student card as proof of citizenship. Police let him go after Sablay’s father retrieved his ID from their home nearby, but Sablay says he now understands part of what foreigners have to deal with and now has no respect for the police.

Service deliver funding dispute – The ANC Western Cape has appealed to the national government to intervene on what they have described as service delivery woes. The ANC is accusing the Provincial Government, DA, of withholding funds in ANC run municipalities which they say is the cause of the lack of service delivery.

Zimbabwe news

ZANU-PF Officials under investigation for theft of government funds – Two Zanu PF ministers face arrest by the Anti-Corruption Commission for theft of Constituency Development Funds. So far 10 other ministers are being targeted for possibly stealing government funds. As long as the ACC provides good evidence, President Mugabe and Prime Minister Tsvangirai support the investigations.

DRC news

Congo bars Ugandan military – DRC says Kony no longer a threat in Congo, refuses to allow American-backed Ugandan military free range access to DRC land in the now-famous hunt for Kony

Top Rwandan Rebel Leader Surrenders in Congo – A top Rwandan rebel leader of the FDLR, which has been terrorizing the Eastern Congo since fleeing Rwanda in 1995, surrendered on Tuesday during a U.N.-backed military offensive. DRC military, supported by a U.N. peacekeeping mission, began an offensive of Feb. 15 to hunt down FDLR fighters after a series of attacks by the rebel group. In the same region, 15 other rebels and 74 of their dependents have turned themselves over as well. DRC military leaders say they will not stop until all the rebels have been sent home.

Media Watch: March 3rd-9th

Below are relevant news stories that happened over the past week.

South Africa News

31 immigrants arrested in King William’s Town – Thirty-one undocumented immigrants were arrested in King William’s Town on Monday. Police and immigration officials from the department of home affairs were specifically checking for proper documentation among foreign nationals.

250 arrested after immigration raid in Woodstock – Police, working with Home Affairs, arrested 250 suspected illegal immigrants, mostly Zimbabwean, in Woodstock on March 3. Those arrested described it as “a very traumatic experience,” saying the detention process was “very disorganised” and “unprofessional,” and amounted to “harassment”. PASSOP has spoken out against the unlawful detentions of those holding certified copies of their documents and against the racism and classism behind the choice to target a place known to be popular among relatively poor black people.

South African and Nigerian deportation battle – On Friday, March 2nd, 125 Nigerian citizens were deported from OR Tambo International Airport for supposedly having fraudulent immunisation documents. Three days later, 28 South African citizens were deported from Lagos, Nigeria after arriving at Murtala Muhammed International Airport on a South African Airways flights on the grounds of invalid documentation. South Africa’s Deputy Foreign Minister Ebrahim apologised to the Nigerian government for the way the situation was handled.

SA refuses to take responsibility for deaths, rape and torture of deportees – In response to the protests among Congolese in South Africa that followed Kabila’s allegedly fraudulent victory in last November’s DRC presidential elections, the Kabila government has been severely maltreating Congolese people deported by the department of home affairs for “having a problem with the Congolese state,” according to immigration officials. This maltreatment has included torture, rape, beatings, and monetary extortion. The department of home affairs has refused to take any responsibility for what happens to deportees in the DRC. Many Congolese nationals report being arrested in South Africa without having the chance to apply for refugee status.

Cosatu protest is a success – Cosatu’s nationwide protest against e-tolls and labour brokers was overwhelmingly successful. Guateng premier Mokonyane is currently considering the memorandum that protesters handed to her. Protests took place in 32 locations across the country, all of which were peaceful. Tolling is expected to begin on April 30 for some Guateng roads.

Police on trial for murder of refugee – The Pretoria High Court is trying two Pretoria Central constables who killed Paul Ndayambe, a Rwandan refugee, three years ago when the two stole some meat Ndayambe was selling. In the quarrel that consequently broke out, the constables shot him in the head and left him to die on the pavement.

Zimbabwe News

Chaos looms in Zimbabwe – Robert Mugabe and ZANU-PF have failed to produce any form of succession plan, a fact which analysts say poses a threat to the entire country’s stability. There is wide consensus among Zimbabweans that general elections should not be held until significant electoral reforms are enacted, especially considering prior election experiences in Zim. Meanwhile, intra-party disputes continue to prolong the constitution drafting process.

Uganda News

Land reassigned to DRC refugees in Uganda after killing – Because of the many refugees from the DRC continuing to enter Uganda, the Ugandan government is setting aside land for refugee settlement. However, part of the land set aside is already being occupied by squatters who received the land from the government in 2009. There is now a tense land row that has caused the death of one Ugandan government official. Because of the danger, the government is setting aside new land, increasing police protection, and working to remove the illegal squatters from the land.

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