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17 year-old Congolese girl missing in Parow

On Thursday the 16th February around 7:00 am, Benedict Ngindu Siku left her house for Windermere High School, heading for the Parow train station.  When his daughter did not return that afternoon, her father Ngindu became very concerned and contacted the Parow Police Station.  They told him to wait for the night and see if his daughter showed up by the morning.

Benedict did not show up the next morning though, and Ngindu was informed by the school that Benedict never made it there on Thursday.  Ngindu has not seen his daughter since.  He did receive a phone call around 3am on Sunday morning from a woman who said that she was with Benedict at the Cape Town train station.  This woman was meant to drop Benedict off at Ngindu’s house in Parow around 1pm on Sunday when she returned home from work.  However, Benedict was not there when the woman returned home from work, and she called Ngindu and said that she did not know where Benedict had gone.  The woman was calling from a private number, and when Ngindu asked for her contact information, she did not reply. Only after this happened on Sunday, almost 72 hours after she was first reported missing, did the Police agree to open a case and investigate the matter.

The case is currently being handled by the Parow police station in conjunction with Missing Child South Africa and Passop.  Benedict is a 17 years old Congolese girl, around 1.6m tall and has a slim build.  She was last seen wearing her Windermere High School uniform – a white blouse, white skirt, white socks, and black shoes.

For comments, please contact Bernard (Passop) at 073 1219625.  If you have information about Benedict’s whereabouts, please contact Ngindu at 072 0675707.

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