Swaziland Independence Day Protest

Swaziland Independence Day Protest

Swaziland Democracy Campaign -Western Cape Chapter

The South African government has sent less that 20 million rand to help those starving in the Horn of Africa and yet it is willing to grant a R2.4 billion loan to Swaziland’s corrupt regime of King Mswati. This loan will only sustain an unsustainable system and perpetuate the continued oppression and suffering of the people of Swaziland. We should only allow the South African government to release the money after the un-banning of political parties and unions, a commitment to free and fair elections for a democratic multi-party state, the freeing of media and the decentralisation of the economy from the monarch.

Sadly on a day when we should be celebrating the independence of the people of Swaziland we chose to protest against an unelected leader, an absolute monarch that controls the country as his private fiefdom and who has failed his people. We protested to demand that the South African government stop meddling with Swaziland’s affairs and that it consider sending more aid directly to the people of Africa in need and less to corrupt and autocratic leaders.

Our protest action against the government loan to Swaziland’s monarchy took place on Tuesday 6th September. It was attended by over 50 people and covered in the media. We handed over a morandum to the representative of the parliamentary committee international relations at the gates of parliament. To view the memorandum, click here.

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